Guided selling (Year/Make/Model)

This extension allows an easy and fast way to search through the Commerce Catalog using facets available on the site


This extension shows a carousel of images and is available as a Custom Content Type through SMT

Newsletter Sign Up

This extension lets you add a newsletter sign up form to your website using SMT. After activating this extension, you can: determine how the lead record is created in NetSuite, decide which fields to display on the sign up form, among others.

Shipping Bar

The Shipping Bar extension lets you add a shipping bar and banners to your website to inform shoppers of how much they have to spend to qualify for free or special rate shipping.

Commerce Categories

Category images

An image can be displayed as the banner or thumbnail image on a category page.


UnlockCommerce's Blog

This extension lets you add blog content to your website using NetSuite records.

SuiteCommerce's Blog

This extension lets you add blog content to your website using Site Management Tools.

Product Listing Page

Product comparison

This extension lets users see a side-by-side comparison of up to four web store items

Multi add to cart

This extension provides an option to add multiple items to the cart

Shop by Brand

This extension provides a landing page where one can filter items by their brand

Match Height

This extension matches the height of items options.

Item badges

This extension lets you display labels, such as New, On Sale, or Best Seller, on a product. These badges appear on the product detail, product listings, and image carousel sections.


This extension provides the functionality to create product kits of a certain category

Show Item Colors

This extension allows us to show the product in all its colors below it when the mouse is placed over the item as long as the item has different colors to choose from.

Filter by color

This extension let us filter products in plp in order to search items by one or more specified colors.

Featured Product

The Featured Product extension lets you highlight a recommended product on your website in a featured section. You can customize the appearance and the behavior of the Featured Product section.

Infinite Scroll

The Infinite Scroll extension loads content continuously as users scroll down the page, eliminating the need for pagination. This extension allows users to view items on the Product Listings page (PLP) easily and efficiently, ultimately encouraging sales.

Product Details Page

Questions and answers

This extension provides a questions and answers section for each item

Inventory display

This extension allows customers to view inventory status and quantity

Product reviews

This extension adds a section to view ratings and reviews of an item

Grid order

This extension lets users buy multiple variations of a product more easily by displaying purchasing options in a grid on the product details page.

Back in Stock Notification

This extension allows users to request an email notification when an out-of-stock item is back in stock.

Strikethrough Pricing

This extension allows users to see both retail price and discount price.

Page Printer

The Product Page Printer extension lets you add a print option to the social media section of Product Details Pages (PDPs), enabling customers to easily print a PDP from your web store.

Add Accessories Add-on items

This feature consists in adding some addon items to the PDP parent item, items that normally the customer would buy altogether and served in a convenient way helping with Cross Selling of the item catalogue.

Product Lead Time

The Product Lead Time extension lets you display the estimated wait time for an out-of-stock item to again become available for purchase. This extension uses NetSuite's Lead Time feature to calculate the wait time.

My Account

Landing Page


This extension lets you add up to three columns of text with images and call-to-action buttons using Site Management Tools (SMT). You can choose to add one, two, or three columns, and the layout adapts to fit the width, according to the screen size.

Image Text Overlay

The Image Text Overlay extension lets you add an image with text overlay by using Site Management Tools. Images can be enhanced with dark and light overlays.

Logo List

The Logo List extension lets you add up to 12 images to your web page, include descriptive text, and specify an internal or external URL for each image. You can choose grid or carousel layout and determine how many images to display per line according to screen size.

Look Book

The Look Book extension lets you create a visual portfolio on your site representing individual looks of a larger collection. Look Book lets you showcase new items, engage customers through images to convey a theme, highlight corresponding items within a collection, and drive additional sales.

Product Feeds

This information refers to SuiteCommerce or the Aconcagua release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and later. A product feed contains a list of items and their attributes that can be used by third-party solutions for marketing purposes.


The Testimonials extension lets you add up to three testimonials combining text and image on your web page. You can select horizontal or vertical layout. You can add a header, body quotes, and caption and label text for each testimonial. You can link each testimonial to an internal or external URL.

Map and Content

The SuiteCommerce Map and Contact extension lets you, embed a third-party map, display contact details and store information, such as a phone number and operating hours, among others.

Size Chart

The Size Chart extension lets you add size charts to your web store, allowing shoppers to view sizing options without having to leave the Product Details page (PDP). In addition to a pop-up feature on the PDP, Size Chart also creates a specific landing page where shoppers can view several size charts.


Delegated Purchase
  • Custom Portal for Sales Rep
  • Login in behalf of a customer to place orders
Advanced Sign Up

This extension lets you use an alternate sign up form on your website, in addition to or instead of the existing standard customer registration form.

Custom Fields

The SuiteCommerce Custom Fields extension lets you add custom fields to the Checkout application and Product Detail Pages (PDP) of your website without customizing any source code or themes.

Gift Wrap & Message

The Gift Wrap & Message extension lets you offer gift wrap options in your web store and allow users to add personalized messages to their orders.

McAfee Secure

The SuiteCommerce McAfee Secure extension lets you integrate your Commerce website with the McAfee SECURE service, which checks your site for malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities.

Cart Page

Cart Clear

This extension adds an option to clear all the items from the cart with a simple click

Quick add

Functionality to quickly add items to cart searching by item name or SKU

Cart takeover

Cart takeover feature is most commonly installed in B2B websites allows a smooth interaction between the Customer and the Sales Rep to help the Customer make the correct purchase from the SuiteCommerce site. Once the Customer is in the cart and logged in, they can have the ability to submit the cart for review to their Sales Rep. The Sales Rep can add, remove items from the customer's cart or update the quantities and then can either submit the cart to the customer so that order gets placed from the site or the Sales Rep can even submit the order from NetSuite UI.